Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What I Saw of HURT 2016: Pace Report

And so there I was, not really minding my business but crewing for anybody and everybody, when people started asking if I was doing anything? A runner needed some help getting out of the aid station and if I could pace. I worried about missing Doug but worked it out with her crew that I could pace her over to Manoa and then wait for Doug there or return and pick him up for his fourth or fifth loop.  I changed, got my pack ready, slammed some water, and shook hands with a young, nervous looking Liz.   After introductions we got out there for some miles.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pre race-- where my mind's at

I ended the title with a preposition because I fear this may be the most pretentious ramble of a pre-race  report yet. 

The last time I raced a hundo was July of 2014.  Since then, I've had the joy of a herniated disc and an ACL tear PCL tear meniscus crush TBD undiagnosed mega painful knee injury.  I've come back strong as hell from the back injury and learned much about posture, the nervous system, and spines in the process.  Strong as hell got me feeling invincible, which led to the next major injury.  It's been a few months now of an occasionally debilitating pain in my knee.  

Once it hurt so bad a block from my apartment I hugged my bicycle to me as I slumped against a wall on the sidewalk and just cried and tried to not throw up or pass out.  I considered calling a cab to get me the block uphill to home.  A stranger got off his bus to check on me, and so I knew then I'd already made too much of a scene.  Uber wouldn't have been fast enough so I pushed my bike and myself home.  Strangely that same night I went for a run and lifted and then ran down to catch a baseball game with friends.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

This is the only trident I earned, but Murph, I'll use it and my middle fingers in your honor.
My mom invited me to run a Murph with her and her xfit box and what the hell, I said yes.  Murph is a hero WOD, where you run 1 mile, complete 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, and run 1 mile.  Ideally you do this with a weight vest but that's Rx and you can scale as needed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I see of 5x5 stronglifts and a herniated disc

This is a review of the 5x5 stronglifts and of how I stumbled upon it.
 (for the back story of why I started 5x5 and the physiological/emotional context, check out this post:  What I see of a herniated disc)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cross Country Bike Ride, Day 1

April 22nd is Earth Day, and it's also my bike tour shove off anniversaries.  In 2012 I set off from Yuma for Flagstaff, Arizona and in 2014 I took off from Washington to go across the country--all by bike.  Arizona was a miraculous success--namely that it was incredibly dangerous and remote and I was too stupid and arrogant to know any better, but I survived and cemented Arizona in my mind and heart as a wild, rugged, terrifying and exhilarating place.   Those four days that it took for me to cross the desert on my beloved bike were some of the most formative of my life and I knew that if I had survived Arizona in the late spring, I could survive any bike tour.    I had my heart, legs, and tires set on a cross country excursion.

A year ago today and 2 years after Arizona started to impart her many lessons, I stop to celebrate and reflect on a crazy year gone by.  Below is the write up for Day 1 of my cross country bike trip. Enjoy the preview of the upcoming book!

Monday, April 13, 2015

so there I was....

I was just coming out of a really really rough, dark, consuming, obliterating depression and I finally had some energy and believed that I would be around in three weeks so any steps towards anticipating life next month wasn't arbitrary.  I bee-bopped down the street, jumped over puddles, sang, laughed at dogs (rudely to their damn faces), and chipperly greeted the convenience store clerk as I swaggered down an aisle.  I had entered the little market to get a banana, which I thought would take the edge off the jitters I had, and I walked the aisles narrating my thoughts and ridiculous actions aloud. 

I didn't see any bananas, spent a long time agonizing over if I should get a jar of spaghetti sauce for dinner (as in to eat just a jar of spaghetti sauce), and decided against it.  I made one more swoop through the little market, saw a few packets of self rising yeast and thought it would be great to bake and boil my own bagels (I live in a TINY apartment with no kitchen so this would involve the herculean feat of borrowing/getting pots, using a community kitchen, actually cooking).  As I reached out to grab this yeast and embark on the journey of home made bagels, I realized that two days ago I didn't have the energy to LEAVE my tiny ass apartment and didn't believe that the entire universe held even as much opportunity or promise as a bagel. 

My hand fell back to my side and I walked out of the market, a bit more soberly than I waltzed in, but felt ok about how this wide strange universe has more wonder and mystery than we can ever even imagine on our darkest or our brightest days.  Hang in there.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hark! A book!

I rode my bicycle across the United States this past spring and summer and strangely found the energy at the end of the day to write massive amounts about my daily experiences.  Every day I woke up, broke camp, pedaled east, reached depths of loneliness and freedom on the road, met interesting humans, found a place to make a camp, rigged a hammock, and then tapped out my day's thoughts and miles on my trusty iphone.